Holiday Anxiety Helpers

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

For many people, the holiday season is synonymous with stress. For those who suffer from anxiety, it can be unbearable. All the gatherings, gift-buying, planning, and preparing tend to throw our usual daily management of stress out of whack. On top of that, the holidays are a stage for family dynamics to play out. That anticipation alone can trigger anxiety.

You can take the lead with holiday stress. Here are some great suggestions to make this season more magical and enjoyable:

  1. Remember, those Social Media posts aren't always what they seem. Comparison is the thief to joy, so don't let what others do or don't have take away from yours. If you find yourself more blue after being on social media, consider taking a break until January.

  2. Give what you can, not what you (or others) think you should. Debt causes big stress! Don't allow yourself to give beyond your budget. Consider a conversation with friends and family to set a max limit on gifts.

  3. The best gift you can give is a healthy you. Take care of yourself. Exercise, try to eat well, sleep, and set time limits with those who are draining. Don't feel bad giving yourself alone time to recharge.

  4. Remember: perfection isn't possible. Relax and enjoy the moments. If the presents don't have a bow or the a strain of lights go out it's gonna be ok. The day isn't ruined. Being present with those you care about is what this season is all about.

  5. Add CBD to your diet. CBD minimizes panic behavior. The side effects of CBD are minuscule compared to Xanax or alcohol and are generally well-tolerated. Many people who use CBD for anxiety describe its effect as a “calm confidence.” So, while you can’t escape the stress-inducing holidays (and really you probably wouldn’t want to), you may be able to enter them armed with some clear-headed calmness. So, if you find yourself wanting to fight or flight the holidays, our Urban Hemp Store high-quality CBD could help.

DID YOU KNOW? A 2017 report by the Brightfield Group indicated that anxiety was the number one reason people used CBD. Of those surveyed, 71% reported using CBD for its anti-anxiety effects. It’s not surprising, considering that CBD is naturally predisposed to function with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex network within the human body made up of cannabinoid receptors. Balance within the system is maintained by cannabinoid compounds. We produce our own endocannabinoids, but if our system is out of whack, plant-based cannabinoids such as CBD can help.

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