Gut Health Can Affect Your Brain

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Do you ever have the gut feeling? Researchers believe that the microbiome may play a part in how people think and feel.

The gut is known for it's basic functions of digesting food and releasing nutrients into the body, but research is beginning to show that the gut's physiological involvement goes much further.

We all know that the idea that gut bacteria affects a person's health. Our microbiome is a population of trillions of organisms that exist within and on our bodies. These organisms include bacteria, archaea, eukaryotic parasites, protozoa, and fungi that influence digestion, allergies, and metabolism. But a growing group of researchers around the world are investigating how the microbiome is regulating how we think and feel.

A healthy microbiome seems to be the key to health, and possibility happiness. Some of the microbiome is responsible for releasing neurotransmitters, communicating to neurons of the brain.

One of the benefits of CBD is its ability to reduce resting blood pressure, as well as blood pressure when faced with stress. A 2017 paper published in the JCL Journal showed that CBD reduced resting systolic blood pressure and reduced the stroke rate. The study also demonstrated that CBD is capable of reducing the blood pressure response to stress. Although stress is often perceived as a mental health issue, it can have physiological consequences in the long run. Long term stress is associated with the development of cardiovascular disease due to the elevation in blood pressure. The chronic release of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, may also be contributing factors. Research has shown that stress can change the way blood coagulates, increasing the risk of heart attacks.

CBD may also have the ability to treat autoimmune myocarditis, a viral, bacterial, and fungal infection. The symptoms of the condition can manifest as pain and tightness int he chest, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, flu-like symptoms and heart palpitations. A 2016 paper publish with the journal of Molecular Medicine showed that CBD treatment markedly reduced autoimmune myocarditis and also improved myocardial dysfunction and heart failure due to its anti-inflammatory, and anti-fibrotic effects.

When it comes to the heart, ischemia, which is inadequate supply of blood to an organ or part of the body, especially the heart, can cause arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat. CBD appears to offer cardio-protoective effects when it come to ischemia and lack of blood flow to the heart. A paper publish with the British Journal of Pharmacology found therapy using CBD restored blood flow.

There have been plenty of studies done on CBD for heart disease. As we continue to explore CBD in numerous therapeutic and medicinal applications, the evidence that is emerging proves it may offer treatment against heart disease


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