Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I have a crazy story! A few weeks ago, while cooking dinner I steamed my thumb. ((When I took the lid of the sticky rice, my thumb got the brunt of the released steam. OUCH!)) It burned and hurt so bad that I kept in a glass filled with ice and water. When I pulled my poor thumb out of the cold it felt like it was on fire. It was red and swollen - totally a challenge to try to finish cooking with my left thumb in a cup of ice water, but I toughed it out as all good mamas would.

During dinner, I kept my thumb in that cup of ice water. Rocky (my husband) and I had a date planned, and I didn't want to carry a cup of ice water. So, I slowly kept my thumb out of the water. It still burned, but there was a little relief after about an hour of keeping it cold. I decided to try a little of the Full Flower CBD balm on my thumb. It didn't feel any different as we walked out the door. However, about half way through the movie I realized my thumb wasn't hurting at all! The redness and swelling had gone way down. I was so blown away that I told Rocky and had him look at my thumb a few times. ((Which he didn't enjoy during our movie. 🤪))

The next morning, I had a small blister and a little redness, but no pain. The skin peeled away and all is well now. I am convinced that the CBD balm is magical! I think the ice water at first helped tremendously too - but the combination was amazing. I have now had 2 experiences where I used the CBD balm and had amazing results. I don't understand how or why it works, but I am always going to keep a stick or two nearby.

If you don't have a CBD balm, you should! Grab yours here. No sales gimmick - just a serious, blown away fan!

Frances Barra | Full Flower User since June 2019

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