A Merrier Mocktail

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

A Quick & Easy BUBBLY CBD MOCKTAIL perfect for this season!

Share a toast to your merriest, anxiety-free holiday season! Quick, easy, and bubbling with yummmmmmmm!


4oz cranberry juice

2oz ginger beer (or sparking water if you don’t want a kick!)

Juice of 1/2 lime

sprig of rosemary

1 dropper of ASA CBD tincture


Extra Toppings

Spring of rosemary or cinnamon stick

Frozen cranberries 

Slice of lime

Reindeer: marshmallow, clove, rosemary & cranberry.

Start with a handful of ice in a glass, add all ingredients except the ASA CBD tincture

Stir, sip and adjust flavors to suit your personal taste. 

Top with a dropper of CBD.

Stir & enjoy!

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